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Comparison of FSX-SE and P3D flying the same scenario

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A Comparison video of FSX-SE and at 9:39 P3D v4.5.12 (hotfix #1) in same scenario of take off and landing at Milford Sound NZMF.

Both sims are configured for their best performance / eyecandy trade offs to be as similar in looks as possible.

They have similar levels of addins for the most part.

  • Both have the same levels of Orbx.
  • The same plane is used.
  • Both have Active Sky Next.
  • Both are running reshade.
  • Both have Accu-Sim running.
  • Both have Rex Textures and Soft Clouds.
  • Both have enhanced Trees.
  • Both have FreeMesh and the same or similar scenery addons.
  • FSX-SE is running Steve's DX10 Fixer.
  • P3D is running Tomato Shade.
  • Basically FSX-SE is configured as at its pinnacle of use back prior to moving over to P3D.

And the same applies to P3D where I have spent time to understand how it works and have tuned accordingly.

And the effort Lockheed Martin have put into ESP shows, although I think some things are better in FSX-SE (water - from a height, some lighting - check the landing lights)


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