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VoxATC doesn't recognize VRS default aircraft

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When I try to "fly" one of the Vertical Reality Simulations (VRS) F/A-18E Superbug aircraft, the panel modifications indicate they work just fine (1 panel for many textures), it fails to initialize properly for some of them.

It works just fine for the Flight Test Aircraft E1, and fails to initialize the   VFA-137 "Kestrels" CAG V2 aircraft.

The following shows the applicable sections of the Aircraft.CFG file.

[fltsim.0]   [fltsim.32]  
title= Flight Test Aircraft E1 title= VFA-137 "Kestrels" CAG V2
sim= FA-18E-6.8_SE sim= FA-18E-6.8_SE
panel=   panel=  
model=   model=  
texture= E1 texture= VFA-137_CAG_2
kb_checklists= HTML/FA-18E-check kb_checklists= HTML/FA-18E-check
kb_reference= HTML/FA-18E-keys kb_reference= HTML/FA-18E-keys
ui_manufacturer= Boeing ui_manufacturer= Boeing
ui_type= F/A-18E ui_type= F/A-18E
ui_variation= Flight Test Aircraft E1 ui_variation= VFA-137 "Kestrels" CAG V2
ui_typerole= Twin Engine Jet ui_typerole= Twin Engine Jet
ui_createdby= Vertical Reality Simulations ui_createdby= Vertical Reality Simulations
atc_heavy= 0 atc_heavy= 0
atc_id= E1 atc_id= NE200
atc_airline= BOEING atc_airline= FALCON
atc_flight_number= E1 atc_flight_number= 200
atc_parking_types= MIL_COMBAT atc_parking_types= MIL_COMBAT
atc_parking_codes= M001 atc_parking_codes= M001


I believe there's something about the "Kestrels"  format that VoxATC just doesn't like, although the simulator has no problem with them

Again, the Flight Test Aircraft E1 works just fine.


Al Rosenberg

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6 hours ago, bigalrose said:

VFA-137 "Kestrels" CAG V2

I'd first look to see whether it's the various entries with embedded quotes. See if that's the determining pattern. P3d4 is very forgiving about syntax in cfg files, but VOXATC is not. The recommended formats according to LM would be:

    title=VFA-137 Kestrels CAG V2


    title="VFA-137 Kestrels CAG V2"

First see if that's what determines the pattern of success and failure. Save a backup copy of aircraft.cfg. Edit just one of the failing entries in aircraft.cfg and try it again. The Superbug doesn't like you to edit anything in aircraft.cfg, but that's the only way that I can think of to test what is going on with VOXATC. Also, where in panel.cfg are the VOXATC entries located? This may have nothing to do with the issue, but I'm just curious. Often times when the VOXATC entries ([Window XX]) are far down the list in panel.cfg, unusual things tend to happen.


One last item that could be causing the issue is that the Superbug's aircraft.cfg file has a few very long lines for descriptions, etc.. I'm not sure if that poses a problem or not. Again, see if the long-lined entries dictate whether the error occurs or not.

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I went into the Aircraft.cfg and removed the quotation marks from the aircraft, and VoxAtc seems happier with them in that format.


I will keep my "modified" .cfg safely stored, so that I can put it back following VRS upgrades.


Thanks very much



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