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GTN 750/650 not working in V/C

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I have done a clean install of P3D v 4.5.12.
I have downloaded and installed GTN Complete v 2.1 along with the latest version of PC Trainer.
When I try to load a scenario in P3D, I get an error message that I am using an unsupported version of P3D.
When I run the F1 update tool, the versions of P3D have the most recent version in the list as v 3.4.9.
I am therefore unable to to update GTN Complete to be compatible with P3D v 4.5.12
The DHC3 will load in P3D but although the GTN 750 surround is installed in the cockpit, it does not power up but remains a blank black screen

 Windows 10 64 bit Intel(R) Core (TM) i7-4770K CPU @3.5Ghz. 8 Gbytes RAM. Nvidia GeForce GTX 780

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Please register for the official support forum. The latest version of the GTN is available there.

Please contact oisin at milviz dot com for forum registration information.  Please provide proof of purchase if you want support.  Also, include the username you wish to have.

Fr. Bill    

AOPA Member: 07141481 AARP Member: 3209010556

Interests: Gauge Programming - 3d Modeling for Milviz

Many Thanks to All That Donated To Our Server Drive!

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