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Engine stutter & pause on start up with headphones PMDGs

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I like to use my headphones but I have a stuttering problem when engines start if I use my headphones for all sounds. I will try to explain: If I select the display sounds for my monitor (set in General Tab of Prepar3d to the screen monitor) and then set the sound to my headphones in the FMS (PMDG options menu) then I have no stuttering on engine start. However, if I try to set the headphones instead of the monitor, so I can hear all sounds and not have to take my headphones off to hear the engines in outside view (sound coming from my display monitor) then I get stutters on engine startup. This has been driving me nuts as it ruins the immersion of it all. Any help would be really appreciated. I have set the option s in the PMDG sound to "all"


Thank you for your help in advance



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The sim itself really isn't great with sound source switching during the sim session. Our sound system being so complex on top of that really doesn't help. Avoid switching devices mid-session. If you can, set a single source and the switch on that source. Setting a sound card as the default source will allow you to select a source off of that sound device mid-session, usually. If they're standard audio jack headphones, a lot of monitors with speakers have an audio jack.

Kyle Rodgers

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