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Looking for a partner for long term project (VA)

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(I couldn't find a place for this on the forums mod, but wanted to post here as its used by many sim enthusiasts)


I have started plans today to build a brand new virtual airline in Europe. This airline will thrive to be professional, courteous and well respected.

I am ready to dig deep in my pockets and pay for the structure of this airline, which includes graphic design, website hosting, repaints and more.

Without giving to many details away on the project publicly below are some points which are very important if you are to become apart of this.

- Good knowledge of UK/Ireland, Scandinavia (Den,Nor,Swe) knowledge of the Baltic's and Finland would be ideal too.
- Experience with Virtual Airlines (As a pilot, trainer, director, ceo)
- At least 20 years of age
- Experience with flying on VATSIM and understanding of VATSIM regulations

I also want to make clear that I am not looking for someone to help fund the Virtual Airline, this will come from my own pocket as the CEO, I am looking for someone with a similar goal and outlook to help me bring this airline to life

Many thanks


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All my best wishes with your project Matt!  I hope you include Shared Cockpit/Connected Flight Deck from the ground floor up!  It's quickly becoming very big with Virtual Airlines.

Best wishes!



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Good Morning Matt,

I am interested in helping you long term with your project as I to was looking for someone to run a virtual airline to with but then fell short very fast. I have had many many years experience within running virtual airline from creating virtual airlines from scratch to also just running them on behalf of friends. My vatsim CID is 1262154 if you want to take a look I am a vivid vatsim pilot and I only fly online as well as doing Shared Cockpit Flying also on Xplane.


Send me a Private message and we can have a private conversation if you would like.


Kind Regards 

Michael Poole

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