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Hi, does anyone know why some of my incoming radio transmissions are very quiet? I can only hear them if I alt tab out of the simulator as they happen because the engine noise drowns them out. Other transmissions are fine. Seems to happen every other time. Any ideas?

EDIT: I have a feeling it's related to windows 10. It seems like background applications like Radar Contact is, gets a lower volume. Does anyone know how to make background applications of equal volume to the main app?

EDIT 2: Disregard, figured it out, just very quiet volume. Everything appears to be working now.

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Known problem with Windows 10. Affects GSX volume too. Solution is to open Control Panel - Sound - Comms tab. Select any of the top three options, select Apply then select Do Nothing, Apply. Fixes it until next run.

Possibility that W10 1903 update fixes it.

Ray (Cheshire, England).
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