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  1. Hi, does anyone know why some of my incoming radio transmissions are very quiet? I can only hear them if I alt tab out of the simulator as they happen because the engine noise drowns them out. Other transmissions are fine. Seems to happen every other time. Any ideas? EDIT: I have a feeling it's related to windows 10. It seems like background applications like Radar Contact is, gets a lower volume. Does anyone know how to make background applications of equal volume to the main app? EDIT 2: Disregard, figured it out, just very quiet volume. Everything appears to be working now.
  2. Hi, I'm doing a fresh install of FSX after many years of not using it and need to refresh my memory about stuff I need to do to make it not crash. I installed SP1 and SP2 and also put UIAutomationCore.dll into the installation location to prevent menu bar crashes but other things I should be doing elude me. For example, I remember it crashing when you right click after about 10 minutes of being in the sim. Also, I remember doing longer flights and then arriving at the destination only to find that not all the scenery has loaded. I might be forgetting other things that are needed for a stable install. Please refresh my memory. Thanks!
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