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I recently bought Rex SkyForce 3D and set it up together with ASP4, ASCA and Envtex, as described here in the last option (REX Sky Force 3D and Active Sky plus ASCA for dynamic skies with ENVTEX sky textures) 

Now, whenever I start a flight, my Clouds are pretty much have this greyish look as seen below:


I'm getting this when I choose the normal "Fair Weather" settings as well. I already restored my Shaders to default for testing, however it didn't change anything.

Are the clouds supposed to look like this or does anyone have a clue for me?

Thank you!


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This happened to me from one day to the next. The clouds are now utter word not allowed. Just horrible. The color is unrealistic and bad, the shapes are bland. I did not change a thing.

I use Rex Skyforce 3D and PTA.


What could affect a change like this by simply starting the program.

 I mean yesterday was fine.

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