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Start up sequence and LINDA

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Hi all,

Utter LINDA newbie here with a couple of questions regarding LINDA.

My plan is to have my own start up sequence involving a push and hold physical button which would open a .WAV file (starter wind up) and hold it for a few seconds before launching the usual turbine wind up sequence in FSX (turboshaft engine). Early release of the start button would terminate the start up (ideally).

As an extra touch of authenticity, it would be nice if the N1 guage came up while the starter cranks but that could be for another day.

My two questions therefore are; is LINDA the appropraite way to go with this and would I be re-inventing the wheel because somebody has already done this?

Thanks in advance,

That Damlimey.

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In theory yes, this is possible with LINDA, better said with LUA.


But what do you mean exactly? Do you have a certain addon where ou try to start it via buttons or is it a general request just to play a sound file?


However in both cases you need good programming knowledge which couldn't be explained in a few words. Nearly everything is possible in a LUA script which could be then driven by LINDA or FSUIPC.

Guenter Steiner
LINDA Lua Integrated Non-complex Device Assigning

Betatester for: A2A, Hifi, Simstarter, AivlaSoft 

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Hi Guenseli,

I am building a collective for a helicopter and I want to have a more authetic start up procedure. The collective will have a start button and other switches. I am using a standard usb joystick as donater for the serial coms (usb) and circuits but customising the switches so I don't have to go down the Arduino route.

I can live with the standard start up although it does all happen a bit quicker than the real thing so by incorporating a start button and a bit of code to delay the turboshaft start while the starter winds up is all I'm attempting, at least in phase 1.

The thing is, I always think that if I'm attempting something novel, somebody else has probably already done it so I figured I'd check before I go to all the trouble of getting into lua coding.


That Damlimey

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