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DCS+OrbX+A2A ?

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We are all very busy having fun  pondering the potentialities and implications of FS20 that this news went unnoticed. 


I put it here, at the moderator's discretion, because it is not exclusively related to DCS. If these two major developers of the FS/P3D and XP (for OrbX) worlds have discussions with DCS  that could lead to make the latter  which is an excellent sim already, a major player at the expense market-wise of P3D and XP. Premature to say anything  ? I know but interesting nonetheless.

And I was teasing Chock when he was alluding to a combat extension in FS20 in the Speculation Forum 😃 !


Simming since 1981 - Prepar3D v3 on a 4770 @ 4.4 GHz and a 1080 @ 2560*1440 - Warthog HOTAS - MFG pedals - My YouTube Channel


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DCS is not in competition with P3D and XP, since it's a military simulator at this point.
Even if there were some more civilian aircrafts, which we already have in DCS, it still woudn't be in competition with XP/P3D.

It is already a mayor player, just not where XP and P3D are.

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