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Press to Talk on second Yoke

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Hello every one, here is an interesting question:

Like many of us, I’m running P3D in conjunction with FS2 Crew and Voxatc happily using the “button to talk” with my Yoke 1 but I have no joy in getting it to work on Yoke 2.

In my case, setting Saitek button 0 on both yokes within Voxatc yoke/keyboard does not have any effect but, since the keyboard assignment for the PTT button is set to the letter “I” , I have used FSUICP to activate such letter using button 0 (or other) of my Yoke 2.

I can now hear the click from both Yokes but the second one still does not transmit voice, however, if pressed twice, it has the same effect as Yoke 1 by simulating a response.


Anyone had a similar issue ?

Many thanks


PS) My P3D is an older version (2) but that should not have any adverse effect.

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On 7/5/2019 at 6:16 PM, logic28 said:

on both yokes

this confuses me .... 2 joysticks (one for a tiller) makes sense & yes there are issues with 2 "identical" joysticks.

for now, cheers

john martin

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