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My 737NG Warthog Learning Curve

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Have been using LINDA with a few default aircraft and have started getting a bit more involved with the A2A V35 Bonanza. Going quite well so far. Enjoying the functionality of LINDA as well as the learning process.

Thought I would begin the process of assigning various PMDG 737NGX buttons to my TM Warthog Hotas and Throttle. After running into some issues, I reinstalled the 737 module, yet the issues persist. I have read all the documentation I could find for the 737 and LINDA in general, searched past AVSIM posts and YouTube, but am not finding anything along the lines of what I'm experiencing.

In a new 737 configuration install, the Throttle map is showing 4 buttons already programmed, Button 15 comes up already assigned to the G (gear key), Buttons 22 & 23 (flap button on the throttle) are already assigned Keys F6 and F7, and button 24 toggle is pre set to Parking Brake. These all have an * before the On Press description in green text. Is LINDA pulling these from the default aircraft? I attempt to remove these four assignments and LINDA will not remove them. These ARE the buttons I chose in the default aircraft for these functions.

The parking brake toggle works just fine in the VC inside the sim. It moves the parking brake as it should. If I press F6 and F7 on my keyboard the flaps will move. However... using the button that has been assigned to them through LINDA, Buttons 22 and 23 (standard flap button on the throttle) on hte Throttle has no effect moving the flaps.

I'm getting ready to start a serious dive into flying the 737 and setting up my controls, documenting each button on a good diagram and SLOWLY configuring various buttons on my Warthog setup, I will then move on to my two TM Cougar MFD's and various other GoFlight modules (which LINDA can see and control just fine). It's going to take time, effort and patience, but I'm finally finding the time to see the whole project through.

Any clarification from anyone would be most helpful. Is my install corrupt? Why can't I remove the current assignments and start with an empty joystick map?

In looking through the LINDA .txt files I read through all the 737 functions that can be mapped. I did not see flaps. Does LINDA pull those from the default aircraft, which I have set up. Is that what the * is all about?

I will make every effort to read, study and SLOWLY learn my way though this. I'm sure I'll be back with more questions and issues, but this is where I have to start, for now.

Thanks in advance.


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What version of Linda / FSUIPC are you useing?

are you sure you installed the module correctly?

When your sat in the cockpit, looking at Linda , is the 737NGX module activated?

and ultimately, you’re connected to the sim?

Seems strange your getting default actions appearing already pre mapped. 

Luke Pype

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