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Prepar3d and the new AMD Navi cards? thoughts

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I am super interested in the price wars of AMD and Nvidia happening right now.  I am planning to upgrade from my good ole 980 GTX to the current generation cards.  My max limit is 2080 GTX.  Even 2070 Super looks amazing.  As of last night AMD just amped the price wars with their new cards.

Any ideas on how the previous generation of AMD cards work with Prepar3d; that way I may have a clue on how the new AMD cards could work (the reviews will be out tomorrow on NAVI cards)

I have few sims on my end - Prepar3d 4.5HF1, Aerofly FS2, DCS and Xplane-11 - but I mainly use Prepar3d4.5HF1 and DCS --- plus heavy use of VR - Rift S




One of these days, I will get my Tech Alpha invite for MSFS2020

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