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FSDG Seychelles Strange Elevation Problem (at FSIA)

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I own FSDG's Seychelles scenery, but, for some reason, can't get it to work properly:

1. If I load a default aircraft, for example the Cessna 152, the plane is submerged into the ground. Elevations are all off, the buildings look like they're buried up to the second floor in scenery. 

2. Ditto if I load the Qualitywings 787. 

3. Strangely enough, if I load up the Aerosoft Airbus, everything is fine and normal. 

The only other scenery I have installed in this area is Flight1's Ground Environment. 

What might be going on, and is there a fix for this?

I'm talking about the main airport here FSIA



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Upon further testing, I found that if I load up Praslin Island, then move to FSIA, everything is fine. Also in my scenery/world/scenery I seem to have .bgl files for all the other Seychelles airports but not for FSIA.....

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