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Aerofly FS 2: Paris 2.0 Megacity Cultivation

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Paris 2.0 - Megacity Cultivation

By team TomSimMuc, Gasy24 and Rodeo.

Cultivation and elevation including airports and City Highlights

The Scenery contains 2.7 million buildings and shows the complex possibilities of the new scenprog scipts.

This new version has more the 40 bridges and over 100 POI buildings integrated.

Please head over to


for a FREE download.






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Posted (edited)

THX for the hint - Wow what an improvement, love it 😍

Below you can see additional pictures of newly added POI's:

Paris Louvre and Ferris Wheel:1431-2a43409a-large.jpg

Trocadero and Eiffel Tower:1433-5fddbe71-large.jpg

Paris Orly:1434-1201d778-large.jpg

Les Invalides:1430-9543f37d-large.jpg

La Defense and Grand Arche:1436-5eeaae40-large.jpg

Hot-Air Balloon:750-hc-5084-jpg

All the best,


PS:  Yes, it is still FREEWARE, made by community-members ( By team TomSimMuc, Gasy24 and Rodeo ).

Edited by KBUR
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I would like to add, that beside the 100 POIs and 40 bridges, also the coverage has been greatly improved:



The same is true for the ortho coverage:


Red: 0.3-1m

Green: 2m

Yellow: 4m




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