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Early learning questions.

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Hi Folks.

I have recently discovered LINDA and have a very basic beginner question. With the help of Stinger2K2 I now have my CH yoke buttons working various switches and knobs in FSX. However, I have now seen various modules and one in particular for the RealAir Duke B60 piston v2. My very basic question is this. What do I do with a module? When I look at the modules I can see the code which at present means very little to me although I can follow through what happens but have no clue as to what the various numbers and symbols mean. That's not quite true, I know about the offset numbers but do not fully know how to use them yet.

I would like to know where to place the module and how to make it work. I am interested in assigning a yoke switch to the Duke invertor switch and the Lwindshield switch. There is no FSX event for them but the invertor is in the module but I do not know how to proceed with installing the module into LINDA. I hope this makes sense. I just need a nudge to get going with 'installing' and activating the Duke module.

Best Regards...Ken.

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Hi Ken

Welcome to the world of LINDA.

LINDA modules are installed by unzipping and dragging the /modules folder into FSX or P3D main folder. For the RealAir Duke you will need this module. You need to accept any overwrite requests. Now start FSX and LINDA with your chosen aircraft. With the module correctly installed the Aircraft box at the top will display the loaded aircraft name. Click on Sync to Flt Sim button to outline the Aircraft box in orange.

You can now assign any aircraft specific function on the Joystick page to any button. Those default functions you have already assigned to the FSX Default aircraft will be shown in green and will apply to your loaded aircraft unless they are overwritten (changed) with a new assignment.

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Hello Andrew.

Many thanks for your reply and apologies for posting in the wrong thread last evening. It was getting quite late and I was a bit frazzled at my inability to work out what I should be doing. Stinger2K2 has also helped me this afternoon. With his input and your reply to my question, I now have a greater knowledge of what goes where and how to map switches to buttons etc. I am always amazed at what a great hobby we have and the fantastic people who give so freely of their time and knowledge.

Warm Regards...Ken.

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