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Autogen stops loading

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I have been having an issue for some time now with p3dv4.5, when i depart Heathrow i have a solid 25 -30 fps and the scenery looks good. By the time i pass 10,000ft the autogen is gone and the same problem when i land, no buildings or trees. I have ny fps locked at 30 and all my autogen sliders set to max, i have tried different levels in the sliders with no effect. 

Can anyone recommend a setting to use with my current setup.

So my hardware is 

i7 4790 3.60ghz 

16gb Ram

Gtx 1070 

Installed on external hard drive 3.0


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Autogen max on a 1070 is asking a lot, I went from a 1080 to a 2080ti now I can run autogen max without performance loss.

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I might be wrong here, but from what I understand, autogen is generated in CPU and has very little impact on GPU. Sure, if you set that autogen to cast shadows then GPU comes into play, but generating autogen is a task for CPU.

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Need to know your CPU utilization while in flight?

Add-Ons used and how they are configured.

When you say "locked" are you setting "Target FPS" or using Vsync to lock?

I made a video on this issue some time ago (still relevant) and how to resolve it here:

In summary your asking your CPU to do more than it can handle.  You either need to reduce you LOD Radius, or reduce Autogen settings or increase the Fiber_Frame_Time_Fraction value (which will reduce you FPS).

Cheers, Rob.

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Thank you for all your help, Rob ive had this problem for over 4 months and havent been able to resolve it. I followed your instructions and my sim is now enjoyable again, thank you very much.




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