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P3DV4 Aircraft incapable of accelerating beyond 50kts on Takeoff

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Hi there!

I've got an interesting issue which is hard to troubleshoot. As a brief summary, I will take the time to get a flight ready, flick all the switches, start it all up, taxi to the runway, and then (once every now and then) when I begin the take off roll, my aircraft starts to feel sluggish and wont proceed beyond 50 knots, leaving me plodding along down the runway at snails pace with the engines at full bore. Now the first thing I noticed is that I've never had the issue with anything other than PMDG aircraft. The ones in question are the 777 and 737 as these are the only ones I've flown with some regularity. I equally fly the FSL A320 and have never had the bug with it. 
I can't find much on the web regarding a problem like this and I'm reluctant to lay blame on PMDG aircraft as Its not a consistent issue.
I pretty much stick to a few Airports around Australia and have had the issue at many of them but also haven't had the issue at the same ones. I can confirm that the aircraft is configured correctly (No interference from parking brakes or wheel brakes, etc) or at least configured to a point where this bug seems stupidly unrealistic even if I didn't have my TCAS on (sarcastic example). I have addons like FSUIPC but I never configured anything with it apart from throttle levers. On that note, I had a look around the interface and couldn't find anything that could cause this bug (I could've missed something).

I have a bunch of ORBX scenery but have had the issue at airports from different producers and default airports as well. I do have ORBX Global + Vector (Could be a culprit).
My hardware has been reconfigured a couple times now, in case of a issue there.

The bug can be alleviated with a restart of the Sim but the bug also seems to appear at random. I can't really say if it will strike unless I do a quick test by spawning on the runway in a default panel state and blasting it before returning to cold and dark and moving to a gate to begin pre-flight. That said, there seems like there is nothing to stop it from appearing when I move back to a gate. I dont really want to have to do this every time, though. I'd say the bug appears a good 1/5 times I go for a flight and with everything being tracked for the virtual airline, it makes restarting a bit more of a pain when I figure out it has stuck.

Thats all the info I can think of at the moment. If I think of anything else, Ill throw it in at a later date.
But for now, any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Like I said, I haven't found much about this sort of issue online and everything I have found hasn't lead to a solution so I guess its worth a shot to ask here.

Thank you.

Sam Duke.

Sam Duke - "Some guy from random town in Australia"


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On 11/2/2019 at 1:42 PM, scandinavian13 said:

Do you use FSUIPC and/or EZDOK?

I do use FSUIPC. 

I've configured throttles so I can have two levers controlling the left and right engines according (eg. on a 4 engine aircraft, the left lever controls engines 1 & 2, while the right lever controls engines 3 & 4). I have disabled the control configuration for now and will reply to this post as soon as I'm happy that the problem is resolved but for now I'm just gonna do a few flights to see if the issue occurs. I do doubt that it would be the cause as the virtual levers in game are in the correct position and the engines are well and truly blasting while the problem is present, but I guess we'll see. 
I also use FSUIPC for auto-saving every now and then. but its off more often than not.

I'm uncertain whether FSUIPC could effect the Sim in another way but I'm happy to hear suggestions.

Sam Duke

Sam Duke - "Some guy from random town in Australia"


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fsuipc is very powerful it can really mess thing up. Couple of questions.

Are you throttle axis configured in P3D as well as fsuipc? That could cause conflict.

Is auto throttle armed?

Are you throttling up to 50/60% stable then using TO/GO?

fsuipc autosave is a known cause of performance hits in P3D leave it off.


If the problem returns post in the PMDG forum for support or open a ticket there.

Edited by Snowfalcon

Snowfalcon13 KRTS Reno, NV. The Valley of Speed/PMDG Beta Test Team

Windows 10 64 Pro/AMD Ryzen 3700X 8 core 3.5GHZ, ASUS ROG Strix B450-F, 1TB Samsung 970 EVO M2 Cdrive, 1TB SSD D Drive, P3D V4.5/P3D V5 HF2

32 GB  DDR 3200 RAM/Radeon RX 5700XT 8GB

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