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Simbrief users, here's how put your briefing in the 737 NGXu EFB

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This is a really nice feature. I use Simbrief to plan my flights. After I generate the briefing I usually either print it, or email it to my phone so that I can use it to configure the flight (I really need a 2nd monitor). As you know, once you've put everything in the FMS you are (mostly) done with the briefing packet. I've wasted a lot of ink and paper in the last year. The NGXu offers a much better solution.

Simply place the .PDF briefing into the \Prepar3D v4\PMDG\EFB\EFB Documents Library\Common folder. On the EFB, select the Documents option from the main menu and then select Documents Library. You'll be able to see your briefing on the EFB while programming the FMS. Easy as ABC. 😎

Just one question. Am I the only one having a problem retracting the gear after TO? I'm right clicking on the gear lever just as I always have, but it only goes up to the center "Off" position instead of all the way up to the "Retract" position. I can't even drag it up. I've had to press "G" to retract the gear on every flight.

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Thanks for that. I was trying to figure out how to access my briefing from the EFB earlier today. I had the same issue with the gear handle. I'm not sure why it won't go beyond lock.



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