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Installing on a new computer

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I am running the current release version of X-Plane and will soon take delivery on a new computer.  I seem to remember that X-Plane doesn't alter the registry when you install it.  That being the case, will I be able to copy my X-Plane folder from the old machine to a thumb drive (I have one big enough) and transfer it to the new machine or will I have to run the installer on the new machine?  My install is stock except for X-camera and one payware plane.  If there are any config files in the documents folder I will move them as well. 

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Just now, soaring_penguin said:

one word: Yes .

actually, that were three 🙂 

With Yes, I mean you just have to transfer the complete X-Plane folder. There shouldn't be anything in other locations, like the documents folder, nor in the registry. Any external drive with enough capacity should do. You can even start X-Plane from such a drive, but be prepared for along initialize. 

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