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do you want to fly 270 mph in your own aircraft?

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AAH yes,a real razorblade.But its got a way to go before its airworthy.The builder has the experience,sorry about his back.His estimates to complete sound reasonable.However theres always the "GREMLINS" hanging around.Its got to be trucked to a hanger/shop of your choice.The thumbnail photos are good.But they do honestly show the amount of assembly to go.I believe his numbers to date.Its the flying finished number I am curious about.$200.000.00? .He will sell this,A homebuilt,that will be worth $200.000.00+.when finished.I wonder why he don't make the arraignments to finish it there. A buyer is going to spend the money any way to finish it.I would trust his involvement,and expertise to supervise the finishing of this project.Better to fly away,than to truck away. I now yearn for that BOWERS FLY BABY,I played with, with a friend!This is a dangerous airplane,any mention of it at home can be hazardous to my health. VIN ;-)

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