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enabling v. activating etc.

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Hello Oliver-

Due to current conditions, I along with a bunch of other people have a lot of time to sim :>)

Anyway, I have a few questions the first being what is occuring in the 'Packages' and 'Scenery' windows.

Example; If I enable KSFO in Packages, I then have to go over to Scenery and activate it. Is this the way it's supposed to work? If I enable all of my Packages and leave them in that state, I could activate/deactivate my selections in Scenery without having to do the same thing in Packages. The question is, by enabling everything in Packages, do they all load on P3D startup?

Also, when enabling in Packages, the tree opens below. Is there a way to prevent that? That window is very small and I have to scroll left and right to continue selecting.

Thanks for any help,


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Posted (edited)

Hello Mark,

please make sure to read through the chapter about enabling/disabling scenery at the beginning of the users manual.

The package (=the add-on.xml) is the entity where all addons are wrapped. You can have an unlimited number of scenery components and aircraft and shaders and... in the same package. For example, you could decide that you want to have all European Airports in the same package, so it is easier to enable/disable them. The packages are P3D assets, they are no inventions of mine (like the groups, those exist only in P4AO).

Since you can have multiple scenery components in the same package I gave you a choice - you can either disable the entire package or you can disable a single scenery within the package (which is strictly against the P3D spec - see the users manual). Please note that the sceneries are GONE when you do this, they are not merely disabled - that is only possible with the classic scenery.cfg.

If you want the Scenery tab and the Package tab to work in sync, then you have to activate the "Strict package law" on the Settings page. If you do that, you can no longer disable a single scenery - this will automatically disable the whole package (so this reflects how P3D works). Otherwise you will always have a situation where both assets are disabled (Package and Scenery) and you have to enable both of them. Again, imagine that you have 30 airports in that package. If I would always enable the whole bunch when you enable the Package, that may not be what you want. Maybe there are some that you want disabled all the time, or just not enabled right now.

The general idea behind this was, that initially the number of addon packages that P3D would accept was small, less then 30. So it was necessary to cram as many scenery components into a single package as possible.

A disabled package is gone as far as P3D is concerned, it will not "load". Remeber that in a package there could be anything, not just scenery. Likewise, an active Package will always "load" - but if you have disabled all components within on one of the other P4AO tabs, the components are gone, the sim can't read them anymore (and you will get a corresponding error message in the content error log).

Packages tab: I think that is something that the treeview component just does on its own. I will look into it. 

Best regards

Edited by Lorby_SI

Oliver Binder


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