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MFD menu buttons and FD switch

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A little Help Please,

I looked everywhere in the XL560 Carenado provided documentation , but ALAS no help.

On the stock XL560,What to do the following  acronyms in the Menu buttons at the bottom of the MFD stand for?

  1. “SNGP”?
  2. Select/Click SNGP -->” TO”?
  3. “ST EL”?
  4. “VANG”?

Finally , Where do I find the FD ( FlightDirector) switch. ?, I see the AP switch at the bottom right of  the CoPilot CDU  BUT no FD switch.



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These are VNAV functions (which, I'm guessing aren't modeled but admittedly I've not tried to use them yet)... But, I think this is what you're seeing:

SNGP is single point VNAV. This is different from FMS VNAV in that you pick a point you're wanting to cross at X altitude and set the information vs. the FMS setting the crossing altitudes.

The TO (and I'm assuming FROM) is the distance to/from the VOR or FMS waypoint where you wish to attain the VNAV level off.

ST EL is station elevation of the VORTAC being used for singlepoint VNAV. This is not needed for FMS VNAV.

VANG is vertical flight path angle. When navigating along a VNAV path, the VANG will show the angle and also allows the pilot to select up to 6° in order to intercept the vertical path at some point before the constraint point.


When all modes are deselected on the flight director / autopilot mode selector panel, the FD is supposed to be off. Not sure if it works in the sim like that though.

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Trevor Bair

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I appreciate you taking the time to explain things that should have been in the docs. Thank you very, very  much. I will play around and see if it makes any difference in the sim.

Can you guide me on how I go about setting Landing Field Elevation (LFE) and  minimums?

 By The  way, Super video on the APU start up sequence!!🙂. What, in the startup sequence. do alter if I want to use GPU instead of APU ?

 Best Regards


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