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Embraer Phenom 100 Warning Messages - Can't Stop It

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I am new to using the Embraer Phenom 100 (FSX Steam Edition) and am looking forward to it. I have used only prop aircraft prior to this. I am casually familiar with the Embraer manual. When I am set up for takeoff I have a NO TOCONFIG light and two audio messages that are always going until I actually takeoff. I have found two places that seem to be related to the issue but neither of them seems to help. I have run the Embraer configuration tool as the stand alone program and it does not change this no matter what my settings thus far. I do hit OK within that program upon completion.

In additon, I have found reference to the TOCONFIG button on the center pedestal. When I hit that button it just repeats the two audio messages which are:


I am in the engine started mode. I have also uninstalled and reinstalled the DLC and run the Embraer configuration tool on numerous occasions.

Can anyone tell me the reason for the messages in light of the actions that I have taken above as well as how to terminate these audio messages and the warning light?

Thanks very much, CEC

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I don't have the Phenom 100, but the Ejets use the same system. The TO Config button is used immediately before starting a take off, to confirm 2 things. First that trim is within the acceptable range to allow proper elevator operation for a safe takeoff. There should be guidance on the trim limits in the documentation. The second message is for Flaps, not Fly. The flaps must be set to a suitable takeoff configuration. When Trim and Flaps are set correctly and the Takeoff Config button is pressed, you get the message ''Takeoff OK''.   If either is incorrect you get the messages you refer to. ''No Takeoff - Trim''  or  ''No Takeoff - Flap''.

It seems like you are not setting them correctly before you press the Takeoff Config button.

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John B

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Biggles 2010,

This is great, thanks for the additional info.  I actually just figured it out right before I read your post and wrote the following post on Steam about my methods of discovery:



"OK, I found the answer; I think pretty obscure to come up with.  Flaps have to be set to the first position before takeoff.  Apparently pitch trim needs to be set also, but this appears to have been taken care of automatically.  Only a reference to a tutorial flight in the manual suggested that this might be a course of action, and no references to warning messages were given in the manual. My best lead was from an actual pilot review of a test flight of the airplane.  Frustrating, but the plane is finally getting shaped up to fly properly. Please see my additional posts to see how to solve the rather silly reflection problem in the windshield that also causes unnecessary consternation.  It's looking good, but it has taken a while to get things set up properly with some real digging for info in the process.  The developer certainly could have made this more up front to the new user of the aircraft; these difficulties curtail its distribution and exploration here."


You have further supported this process of getting this problem solved, and I very much appreciate it.  I was also starting to figure out the same thing that the word spoken was flap vs fly, when I first heard it a message sounded like it was in chinese to me!  Anyway, we got there and I am ready to start learning without the little bumps in the road.  My best regards, from Clifford



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An additional note on the trim.  I see now how it is also required to adjust trim, as you say.  I simply got lucky on the previous round.  I have found out that is needed also, mostly by a trial and error process.  I cannot see how to monitor in the cockpit what the trim level is set at, so for now I am having to adjust it by trial and error until it passes the TC CONFIG test.  I know in the manual they made a reference to setting it at "65" but I have no idea where such a value is seen.  Do you know how or where I can monitor the setting of the trim tab from inside the cockpit?  The only feedback I have so far is from an external view of the aircraft, and that is a pretty marginal proposition and also not realistic.  Thanks for any additional comments on this, I can get it to be OK, but not by the method that I know is needed. CEC

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