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Mike T

LargeSystemCache is safe for XP if you have the SYSTEM RESOURCES!

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Jim:To make matters more clear, you know that >START button and >SHUTDOWN that was introduced in Win95? It is there for a reason and it is never recommended to simply hit the computer's off button turn your PC off when you are finished using it as you did prior to Win 95.The reason is that the computer constantly saves the various states of the system to disk. This tweak greatly expands the amount of time between disk writes and stores the information in volitile RAM instead.If the computer crashes in between write-states there is always the chance that something needed to boot your computer up again will not be written to disk. Furthermore, if that something is needed to boot into Windows, you will not be able to do so without a system repair. Worse case is that your Windows gets hosed along with all of your things requiring a full reinstall of Windows followed by a full reinstall of all your applications.This is the danger to using this 'fix'. I don't like to see things that could cause catostrophic failure of your system being touted as a good thing. As pointed out below, it just depends on how much frame rates are important to you....Again, its a free world, everyone who choses to use this has been warned.

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