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How physically modifiable is TM's TCA Quadrant throttle?

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Hi folks, this is my current setup for right hand, and the Saitek Quardrant is starting to wearout, so the logic (not logitech) choice seems to go for TCA throttle... as CH and Honey's Quadrant are too wide for my place...


As you can see, my Saitek one is heaily modified, and that's what I don't want lose when transation to TCA Quadrant, specially the TO/GA button and speedbrake lever. (the CCD/ touchpad will be lose but I rarely use it anyway.)

The offical speedbrake lever seems still monthes away, I might simply take apart one axis assembly on Saitek one and stick it to the side before it came..

I wonder about th TO/GA button there, as it would be more permanent modification, I want embed the swich(es, if I'd able to get 2 of them) into the thrust lever, and wire it up inside the quadrant body. I wonder how easy/hard would it be, is there spare buttons on the buttom of quadrant body as the Saitek one, to simply wire it up and programs it in FSUIPC? (as I see on the pictures they are all switches and modeded for airbus model)


Also I wonder how would I fasten it, the Saitek here is cantilevered out, I might add some plank to support the TCA one, but would it be make easy to access the "detent" switches? As I would fly both boeing and buses.


Also, if you have any other Quadrant recomanded to me, I might check that too, thanks!

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Well, as someone try to sell a 2nd-hand one quite cheaply, and I don't care about Warranty at all, I got one on my hand now.

At firsrt glance, I think it would be quite easy.

The TOGA button would be very simple as the throttle lever are modular, I don't even need a full disassemble or drill a hole as Saitek one. I think I can make it within hours, I might start to do it this weekend

Also I find it would be very easy to add a IDLE REV detent on the small plastic part, And programe it with FSUIPC.


The speedbrake lever part would be harder, I have another broken Saitek quadrant to make it. I think could be done this weekend. But if anyone know how the 2 connection port on the bottom work, I would make it much easier as I might won't need Mjoy or the elec part of Saitek one to hook it to computer.


Also I need a very different mounting stand for it.

I would post more findings when I starting to work on it!

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Hi C2615,

Really interesting project.

If you do not mind please post the photos of the finished work and a brief detail of your modification process.

Thanks for sharing this with us.

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Here is my work on TO/GA button, it's a pure joy to works on this quadrant!


Here is how it looks like when I able to work on it, it's toooo easy to be disassembled like this, and the greatest part is, at this stage, this thing is almost fully functional, both mechanically and electronically, and no part is hanging with wire, that makes test and tweaks really easy. on the era where apple make it phone almot non-repairable, highly appreciate what thrustmaster have done!


My plan is to hook TO/GA button on these two "fire" button as it's not needed (but it's great tm make them a button) as you can see there is prentty of room to work with, even if your soldering skill is as bad as I am... if you want make things more clean, you can also take it out with only 3 screws and wire it from below.


And just hook a button here, there is a connector for A/T button, but as I try, there is no "common ground" share betewwn these two button, so I have to got 2 independent wire to get it work, but there is a lot room for it, and there are already slot for wire which works perfrectly and don't require further disassemb.


just apply some more force, and the handle can set back on, I didn't glue it on as originally planed, as to disassemb the cover, the handle must be removed.



While I might only need the left one as on my saitke sutff, as it's too easy to do, I added the right one as well



Test it works fine,and put the cover back on, that's how easy it was.


As for IDLE reverser detent, I tried to located it by some paint, and cut it out, but it only works as good as the original one....not much feel on it....


I might try to make something like on Ejets, spring loaded to idle and require hand to pull back for full reverser, but that woiud be another porject....

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I think I would not work on the speedbrake lever, rather I'll wait for the offical one, Because I will use that one eventually and it need some design on my mounting, So I'll working on that after I got one. And my saitek quadrant is working well after apply some WD40 in potentiometer, and to build the new mount for TCA quadrant, I'll have to take apart my set for saitek one, so I'll wait when it's fully ready.

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