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Jumping to conclusions

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seen it happen here at work between 2 colleagues. One thought the other's e-mail was rude, whereas the one who wrote it thought he was just asking a question. All on interpretation.I think it's true and you do see it a lot here on the forums. People getting flamed for no reason, just because somebody perceived a comment was made at them directly. I guess we're all guilty of wording things wrongly sometimes.

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They say that up to 93% of our communication in non-verbal. Unfortunately, we can't get all those cues in any online format.Think of just how much tone plays into something. Take the prase "This is a cool car!" Now say it emphaticly, say it questioningly, and say it sarcasticly. You go from praising the car, to having doubts about the car, to disliking the car. Then add facial expressions, body language, gestures, eye movement, and emotion to that. There's a lot of our cues we don't even realize we use that are lacking in forums and emails.----------------------------------------------------------------John MorganReal World: KGEG, UND Aerospace Spokane Satillite, Private ASEL 141.2 hrs, 314 landings, 46 inst. apprs.Virtual: MSFS 2004"There is a feeling about an airport that no other piece of ground can have. No matter what the name of the country on whose land it lies, an airport is a place you can see and touch that leads to a reality that can only be thought and felt." - The Bridge Across Forever: A Love Story by Richard Bach

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