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FS2Crew Weekend Update - 17 April 2021!

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FS2Crew Weekend update for April 17th, 2021!

About this week...

This week was a bit of a slow week, which wasn't a bad thing because we've been releasing a ton of updates recently and we could use the breather.  As you may have heard, the last MSFS update broke the WASM module system used by numerous 3rd party developers including us.  This affected  the upcoming FS2Crew FBW A32NX Project, MSFS CRJ and MSFS RAAS.  This really slowed down development for us for these new products.

Fortunately, however, Asobo released a hotfix a short while ago so we should be back in business now for our upcoming product line.  So a big merci beaucoup for our friends in France for the quick turn around on the hotfix 😉

The good news was that Pushback Express and Flight Crew A320 were totally unaffected by the WASM problem introduced in the last MSFS update, so if you were running them, you would have had no issues.  They would have functioned normally.

A gentle reminder about our Update System and 'Download Protection'...  Yes, we need to talk about this...

Some users are still getting confused about our update system.  As a polite reminder, our updates are mandatory.  This is to fight piracy and to ensure everyone is running the same code.  If everyone isn't running the same code, then helping users solve problems become very tough 😉

To obtain an update, the procedure is a simple one:

1. Login to your account wherever you bought FS2Crew (FS2Crew.com, Simmarket, Aerosoft, PC Aviator, the Pilot Shop, Just Flight).

If you bought from FS2Crew, your download would be in the "Completed Orders" section (Note: Non-anglophone users please don't use Google Translate since it can sometimes interfere with the download link).

2. Re-download and re-install the product.

That's it.  It's takes less than a minute.   Easy Peasy!

We like this system because it's simple, it's not prone to error like some complex auto update systems, and 'it just works' to borrow Steve Job's famous phrase.

Sometimes I get support tickets from people saying "I only have 14 downloads left.  This is horrible.  You're going to make me buy the product after my downloads are up after you release new updates!  What a scam!  Woe to FS2Crew I'm going back to "Solo Flight" for the Commodore 64 when I didn't have to deal with all this stuff!"  

Trust me, we're dealing with the general public from all walks of life from all the world.   We get stuff like this.  It's just part of the job.

Let me calmly remind everyone that download protection is FREE.  If you ever run out of downloads, just let us know via a Support Ticket and we'll reset your limit for you.  We often reset the limit globally from time to time.  We implement download limits to prevent users from sharing their account information on-line, and then the next day we have 30,000 people from Timbuktu downloading the product flooding our servers.

Thank you for your understanding 🙂

Have a nice weekend... and stay safe!  Covid is still very much out there...

Spring is upon us, let's celebrate with a sale!



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Shame you had to go a bit slower, but at least it's getting closer, I can't wait.

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