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Bay Area and Fry's Sunnyvale (with PG on)

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Turned PG on and replayed my previous flight to see how I felt about it. Still prefer it off, I think. It doesn't necessarily show up in these shots but on my 40 inch monitor at 4k I can still see loads of dodgy artefacts and really bad vegetation, plus the taller buildings (like downtown SF) are very melty. Still, happy to concede it looks good from a little bit higher than I like to be in the H135. Not enough to make me want to leave it on though. Maybe one day.

At least the PG shows the radio mast (or whatever that is)

Looks like some Dead-Heads may not have realised the concert is over down there!


Some of the PG stuff is impressive





One of the things I do like about the PG here is that because the Bing data is so old, Candlestick Park is still here. I think it got torn down around 2010 or thereabouts. There was going to be a fancy office complex but last I read that had gotten abandoned for some reason and the place is still an empty site. So not just a sim, but a time machine too!


Bit further on now and here is the PG version of Fry's as mentioned in my previous set.


And here's my suspected ex-Amdahl building


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Your shots look superb with PG turned off Andy, nice work! 

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