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New Fulcrum Yoke Owner, thoughts and questions

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Just got my Fulcrum Yoke and set it up.  Did a test flight with my Zibo737-800, in Xplane 11.55.  I set the sensitivity curves to linear for pitch and roll, and set up the switches I prefer.  Excellent behavior - pitch and roll are smooth and the longer travel distance/angle and higher resolution makes for a much more realistic feel and behavior.  It will take some getting used to, as my muscle memory has 700+ hours using the old CH Yoke - with significantly less travel and lower res - which required customized sensitivity curves to approximate correct behavior.

Overall, great product so far.  I have a query that is so hard to get a straight answer from Xplane people, though soon it will be moot as Austin has said he is scrapping the old sensitivity curve and page/sliders and making new sensible ones in XP12.

1) if you set up an axis with an actual sensitivity curve, does this override the control sensitivity page with the 6 sliders?

2) or does that stupid control sensitivity page with the sliders stay active even with a custom curve set up?

3) if the answer to 2) is yes, should I set the sensitivity and stability augmentation sliders to zero for best realism?

4) or should I just do a boatload of trial and error on those stupid sliders?

System = Ryzen 5600 OC to 4600 MHz, 64G ram, 1TB SSD, RTX3060ti, Gigabyte M32Q monitor, Bravo Throttle with custom 737 flap lever/detent accessory, and cheap thrustmaster rudder/toe brakes.  (new rudder pedals next on my list)

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11 hours ago, tutmeister said:

Hi, let me have a look tomorrow but we do recommend completely liner response and no dead zones.


I did some more experimenting and for my taste strictly linear is a bit too sensitive right near neutral, on the Zibo.  When I compare actual yoke movements with real 737-800 cockpit videos - say on manual final approach, the yoke movements of the Fulcrum with linear curves is too small/sensitive.  So I tried a cubic curve with no additional points.  That appears just right - still smooth and good, and near neutral there is more travel in roll and pitch for approach and line up and flare.

I still can't figure out if the Xplane stability augmentation sliders are overridden by custom curves though.  I can see why Austin is so set on completely replacing this patchwork and confusing system in XP12.

Aside, the roll springs are almost perfect, but the pitch springs are too... "bouncy".  I'm nitpicking here - because even with the undamped bounce I am able to manually fly takeoff then climb, keeping the flight director needles centered and managing to maintain 250 kts all the way to 10,000 feet on a SID.  Something not really possible with cheap yokes. (especially only on my second flight with the Fulcrum)

However my background is designing and fabricating mechanical (and other) systems - your choice of the teflon sleeved linear bearing is a good one, but might I suggest a pair of dampers on the pitch axis?  I just looked up some available from stock, and using two with 4" travel, and minimum force of 3 lbs, you could arrange them in a push-pull manner to damp the excess bounce of the pitch springs.  (and they are like $14 each so not terribly expensive)


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