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Pilot2atc stopped hearing me

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I've been using the program for awhile now, and all of the sudden it can't hear me. I thought maybe my headset went out so I bought a new headset and still nothing. I've tried both USB and 3.5 type headsets. Mic setup shows me loud and clear and other programs can hear me fine. The config of P2A shows using the primary sound driver (which is what it had been on previously).


 Not sure how to trouble shoot this.



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Posted (edited)

Use Grmr Helper to see what the program is actually hearing.

No need to have the SIM running.  Just go to Grmr Help in P2A, press the Practice button.  Press OK on the box that comes up with troubleshooting information.

Then, using the on-screen PTT button, say "Say Altimeter".  See if it is recognized.  If not, press the Replay button to listen to what the program heard.  If nothing, the problem is with the Mic Settings.  If you hear yourself loud and clear, then ATC not responding is due to a non Mic related issue.

If that is the case, then here are some things to check:

1.    SWITCH SETTINGS: Check to be sure the Power indicator in the bottom left of the main P2A screen is  green.  If not, then you need to turn on the battery switch and avionics switch in the aircraft, or if that doesn’t turn it green, check the 2 options “Ignore Battery Switch” and “Ignore Avionics Switch” in the Config P2A Setup panel.
2.    VALID CALL SIGN: Make sure you are using a valid call sign by changing it to the default Mfg: Beech; Tail Number: N431VB and pressing the Save Button.  You can send me a screenshot of this page and I will let you know if there is a problem with the call sign.
3.    VALID FREQUENCY: Be sure you have a valid frequency showing in the Active frequency display.  Open the Radio Panel and check that the frequency selected has a valid controller assigned.  Try swapping the active and standby frequencies a couple of times.
4.    PTT BUTTON: Use the PTT button on the main screen to eliminate the possibility of it being the Joystick button setup as the issue. Also, it should turn green when you press the joystick PTT button.
5.    VALID PHRASES: Make sure the phrase you are using is appropriate for the controller.  “Say Altimeter” should work with all controllers, so use it.
6.    WINDOWS VOLUME SETTINGS: Check the Windows Volume Mixer and be sure Pilot2ATC volume is turned up. (While P2A is running, rIght click on the speaker icon in the task bar and select Volume Mixer).  Also check the volume of the voices in P2A Config.  On the Communications tab of the Sound dialog, be sure "Do Nothing" is checked for when Windows detects Communications activity.
7.    P2A VOLUME SETTINGS: The latest versions of P2A have new volume settings.  The COM Panel that pops up when you click on the Standby Frequency area has a main volume control that controls both Chatter and Voice volumes.  There are also separate volume controls for Voices and Chatter in Config.

If you don't hear yourself with Replay, then you have a Mic setup issue in Windows.

1. CHECK MIC IS DEFAULT WINDOWS AUDIO INPUT DEVICE: In Windows Settings->System->Sound check that the Input device is your headset.

2.    HEADSET SOUND SETTINGS: If you are using a headset, Windows may recognize that and put a set of "level" settings on the Levels tab of the Headphone Properties.  To set these, select the Headset in the playback devices Windows Settings and press "Properties". Select the Levels tab.  Be sure all levels are turned up as in this screenshot - notice the Microphone setting here on the Playback device:
3.    ADVANCED HEADSET / MIC SETTINGS: Be sure the Advanced tab of the Properties window for your default recording device has the sound format set to 2channel, 16 bit, and either 44,100 Hz or 48000 Hz (CD or DVD Quality).
4.    STERO MIX: Be sure that you have this turned off if it is an option.
5.    HEADSET AS DEFAULT PLAYBACK AND RECORDING DEVICE: If you have a headset mic set as the default Recording/Audio Input device, be sure and set the Headset as the Default Playback/Audio Output device.  Some users have had their microphone not working because  they set their Speakers as the Playback device.  
6.    NOISE CANCELLING HEADSET: If you have a noise cancelling headset like used in real aircraft to reduce engine noise, these may not work with the Speech Recognition.  Try using a standard PC headset.
7.    DEFAULT COMMUNICATIONS DEVICE: If using a headset as the default Playback/Recording device, be sure it is not also being used as the Default Communications Device.  This assignment of multiple duties seems to cause a problem.  Likewise, be sure the microphone is not assigned to any other duties besides the default audio input device.

8.    SOUND DRIVERS AND ADD ON PROGRAMS - Many PCs come with Sound Add On programs from the manufacturer that are run at startup.  Some of these programs may "Capture" the microphone and prevent Pilot2ATC from hearing it.  Also, some addons may have such features.  Check to be sure there are not other sound programs running.  Also be sure that you have the latest Audio Drivers for your Microphone installed.
9. REMOVE SONIC SUITE Check your PC for a program named Sonic Suite and remove it.  It prevents the Speech Recognition from working.  This is common on new PCs from ASUS and other manufacturers.
10. SOUNDBAR or Other Sound Hardware AddOns: Some users have reported that disconnecting sound hardware equipment like a Sound Bar or external speakers resolved the problem of a Mic not working.

Edited by Dave-Pilot2ATC
Added Additional Items to Check
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I appreciate the response...


Everything you suggested was working the way it should have been and yet still no joy... I did a fresh install and it seems to be working again. No clue what happened.


Love your product!

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