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MVAMS Error MD530 Newly Installed

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I get this error message when running MVAMS for the newly installed MD530


Unfortunately, I can't find a solution on the Blackbird Sims/Milviz archived support forum.  Does anyone know how to resolve this so I can get the MD530 set up?

Kindest regards,



Glenn Wilkinson

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Posted (edited)

Please disregard, unless you too have experienced this.  I simply overlooked the small, one line sub-forum link (MD530F PBR) at the top of Blackbird Sims/Milviz MD530 support forum archive.  There is a link for an updated version for P3Dv5 here:  https://milviz.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=230&t=13191 .  That solved the problem.

My eyes are not as young as they used to be.😵

Edited to add:  

I forgot to mention, I flew a quick test flight and man does the MD530 perform well.  Even did a subtle autorotation that resulted in a smooth landing.  Nice whirlybird.  Well worth the price of admission - freebie!! 

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Glenn Wilkinson

dk1xTfc.jpg                                      28.jpg

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I too have been finding this to be a great bird 🙂

Just a few little nigglies to resolve so far, and fortunately easy to do.


Fix #1:
Updated the aircraft.cfg as per below.
ui_createdby="Milviz" instead of ui_createdby="MILVIZ" as P3D would recognise as a different category in the aircraft listings.


Fix #2
This is unusual, looks like the first instance should link to the second instance, renamed the second instance from SHUTDOWN_EXT to SHUTDOWN_EXT_A, seems to have resolved the error.
error=Duplicate Section Name
File: H:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\SimObjects\Rotorcraft\MILVIZ_MD_530\sound\sound.cfg

Fix #3
Light Intensity Knob doesn't work well at all.

The issue here is a bunch of script lines missing the opening bracket e.g. if{ L:knob_light_dim, percent)

Unfortunately the issue is in the interior model "Light Intensity Knob" section.


To resolve I HEX edited the MDL file to turn all instances of the problem code, e.g. "if{ L:knob_light_dim, percent)" to "if{ (L:knob_light_dim,percent)"
The trick when HEX editing is to keep the byte size and order just right, so as we add the bracket we also remove the space between comma and percent, thus byte size and order is maintained. The HEX editor I used is HxD.

error=Gauge/Script Error
Type: Unknown
Name: Unknown
Error: Invalid script (no command is more than 4 characters): "L:knob_light_dim, percent) 5 - 0 max (>L:knob_light_dim, percent)  1   (>L:XMLSND1,enum)  0x11004 (>L:EVENT, enum) }





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Catch my vids on Oz Sim Pilot, catch my screen pics @ Screenshots and Prepar3D

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