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P3Dv4 AIFP v3 question

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Using P3Dv4.  The aircraft are in/at the assigned parking spots, but they do not depart - no taxi nada.  I have the following.  time set for 24hr local time (same problem if I use GMT) with a 09:00 departure.  I have sat in another aircraft on the tarmac for 3 hours (using 2x speed) and the aircraft never moves.  Any idea why this might be?  Any help appreciated.

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Do you have AI arrivals but no departures, or no activity at all based on your flight plan?

If AI planes arrive but none depart, likely is there is no connected taxiway from your parking position to the runway. I would try another parking position.


Also, have your followed the troubleshooting guide at the back of the AIFP manual? There's some good tips about what to look for when FPs dont work as expected.





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I can't seem to find a "download" of the Traffic toolbox explorer listed in the trouble shooting instructions.



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On 5/16/2023 at 6:04 PM, nightowl56 said:

PavlinS: Very helpful. NOT! lol

If you were actually explain it better you might had better response. Because the original text was so confusing for me that I tough you experience a problem that your own plane does not move at all. Also if I were you I would use Alpha India Group AI Manager / traffic controller. That one never gives a trouble, at least to me. 

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