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35 most outrageous fees

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I was only halfway thru reading the link when I decided I should reply--in short, great link! One of the popular talk show hosts like to describe these types of things as "customer noservice". -John

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They are dead wrong about #20, Title Insurance.Cost of a title search has NOT declined due to technology.Old records are old records. Title must still be examined to protect the consumer and the lender. It can be a very involved process taking many man-hours and much headache, plat-drawing, and so on.I should know...I do it every day. We get far less than the realtors. If they want to gripe about fees, gripe at a realtors 6% commission on a $300,000 sales price = $18,000, on which we, a title insurer, only get AT MOST $900 to $1,000. There's your racket.RhettAMD 3700+ (@2530 mhz), eVGA 7800GT 256 (Guru3D 93.71), ASUS A8N-E, PC Power 510 SLI, 2 GB Corsair XMS 3-3-3-8, WD 250 gig 7200 rpm SATA2, CoolerMaster Praetorian

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