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FSX - Rewards - Visit Series - Country - United States ...

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FSX - Rewards - Visit Series - Country - United States of AmericaOverview -A collection of 52 free-flight "FSX postcard rewards" for your Pilot Records.For those of you who already fly extensively in the USA,or those who don't yet, to further encourage you to do so.Acquiring all rewards should only be considered as a long term goal.Rewards are granted for landing at every MS FSX default airport in each category.They are based on ICAOs, so will work with any default replacement addon sceneries.Categories comprise of -Country - United States of America (1 reward, 15,203 airports)Country - USA - States - Capitals (1 reward, 51 airports *, + Washington DC)Country - United States of America - States (50 rewards, *)NB:All previous airport landings in FSX will already be credited,this includes any landings, if you'd imported your logbook, from a previous FS version,so you won't need to fly them all again. ;-)More info in the included ReadMe file.Example rewards, (I've only attempted one of these).http://www.cfdg.net/mkportal/modules/galle...bum/t_a_120.jpgInterested to see first user to have achieved all the Texas airports, (1475).Distribution -This United States reward file is exclusively available from 'Cumbria Flightsim Design Group'.http://www.cfdg.net/index.php?ind=download...try_view&iden=8It should not be uploaded to any other site, nor distributed by any other method.Have fun,and no cheating please. ;-)ATBPaul Donnelly (aka BASys).February 2008.Offshore Development Grouphttp://www.fs-odg.com/FS-Shipyardshttp://www.fs-shipyards.org/Resized logo pending ;-)

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