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  1. I've been flying flight simulators and using add ons both payware and freeware since the early 90s. Today I uninstalled MSFS premium from my computer. I may give it another go when they release the next "patch" but for now other than it's pretty to look at I don't have anything else positive to say about it. I tried and failed to get a modded A320 to even show up as an optional plane after trying half dozen methods found on youtube on how to do it. even after being successful at installing some liveries... go figure. So for now, I'm sticking with P3D 4 & 5 and XP11.
  2. I purchased a second hard drive to have dedicated to FSX while FS9 is still on the original hard drive. I'm very pleased with the results. I started a thread sometime back about this very subject.
  3. Not that anyone was following this thread :-) but as an update to my question I finally did it and moved FSX and all my add ons to their own hard drive and am very happy I did. Maybe it was the clean reinstall or something else all I know is that I'm very pleased and no longer have stutters while the hard drive updates the scenery. I used Ultimate defrag and placed all my scenery files on the fastest outer edge of the disk. On a different note. another thing that seems to have changed is that I used to get the best frame rates by having FSX in windowed mode and the frame rate locked. Now I get MUCH better frame rates in full screen mode with frame rates unlocked. Go Figure.. Just wanted to report that I'm a happy camper now in case someone found this thread in a search sometime or another and wondered what the outcome was.
  4. Mark, are you sure it's only the vancouver area that is missing it's inland water? Have you looked around elsewhere? I'm asking because the same thing happened to me not long ago and it turned out that my scenery priority settings were wrong. when I corrected that all my inland water was back.
  5. Thanks for the input guys. Looks like it goes both ways. :-) both hard drives are identical. Seagate SATA 320gb so one is not faster than the other...just empty and thus less cluttered. My operating system disk is just a little over half full. Of course FSX, FS9 and all my add ons are probably 75 percent of that. FSX runs pretty well for the most part the way it is now but I do get some stutters while the HD is being accessed and scenery updated so I thought having a dedicated HD with the Scenery folders on the faster outside edge of the disk would make it load faster and thus stutter less often. My system is a custom built Core Duo 2 X6800 on a Gigabyte 965P-DS3 motherboard. 4gb of G.Skill DDR2-800 memory. 2 seagate SATA 320gb hard drives (not set up as raid) an ATI X1950 video card with 512 mb of memory. My operating system is XP I don't see myself going to Vista any time in the near future.
  6. Hello all, I did a search but after spending hours wading through posts that had nothing or little to do with my question I thought I'd post it for myself. I got a new 320g hard drive for christmas and added it as another drive. Finally, here is the question. Does FSX perform better on it's own hard drive and is it worth me uninstalling FSX, sp1 and acceleration and all my add ons to the new hard drive and have it as a dedicated FSX Drive?Thanks,Will
  7. McCrash, my V-tail was most certainly the FSX version purchased from Flight1 because I bought it very recently and my panel looks just like the examples shown here. I'm hoping the suggested edit fixes it even if it's just 99% fixed. I sent Carenado an email a while back asking them about my similar but "chrome" VC panel problem with the 210 and here's the reply I got.QUOTE "Sorry but Microsoft don't ask to the 3d parts developers what to do...Really ...ever they complicate the situation ...not shure if this plane has some future in FSX ...by the moment it works fine here with acceleration pack installed ...but the dilema is the video card ...and Vista ...and Directx 10 ....and Gmax....and so onbne patient and by the moment wait...the solution is not for todayregardsCarenado" UNQUOTEI really hope they fix it because I happen to Love Carenado's planes and own almost all of them.
  8. Thanks for the reply guys. What it turned out to be was my Ultimate Terrain Scenery library files were in the wrong order. Got that straightened out and now have inland water again.
  9. It's been a while since I flew around any major bodies of water so I'm not sure when this happened but it seems I've lost all my inland water textures. A screenshot is attached. I picked an airport that is pretty much surrounded by water (KMCD0 but as you can tell there is none in sight and a landlocked bridge in the background. I've changed seasons, that is summer in the screenshot but that didn't bring the water back. I'm using the following scenenery add ons. X-Graphics, Flight Enviroment X and Ground Enviroment X. GEX is the last program I've installed and I can recall flying over water prior to that so do you think that GEX could have caused it? I did a search and didn't find any other complaints about it so that's why I'm posting this question. Any Ideas?? http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/181832.jpg
  10. I'm still waiting to hear from them, emailed twice in 3 days... so how long did it take to get a reply from these folks and why in the world don't they FIX their password problem?
  11. I agree it looks good. Glad to have a functional 747 in FSX. My only problem has been a CTD when trying to make changes to a flightplan in the FMC.
  12. same exact problem here.I saved a screenshot but it looks just like the first post so no need to add it. What's happening??
  13. I agree with the last two replys.. save your time and money. It was a great plane in FS2002 but it's upgrade to FS9 was never right. There is zero support from the developer.
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