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I need to rant about Cloud 9.

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Let me 1st say they are one of those people that as soon as they publish something, I'll go ahead and get it. I had changed computers and did not uninstall their products from my old computer. Well about last month I bought a new computer and reinstalled everyhting. Everything worked as expected, reinstalled all their stuff etc. I installed The FS9 on Vista and XP. Still working good. Just as I upgraded my BIOS on the cd-rom This thing popped up while booting up FS9 saying my cloud9 products needs to be activated, F4 phantom activated, Aviano activated, and when it came to DCA, it said it could not be updated... I finally emailed their support and they tell me that my serial for DCA has been blacklisted because it was installed on diff computers on diff IPs! They sent me the IP adresses and they are from the same area (I suppose my IP changed, even though its static) and there are diff types of Hardware IDs on it. as in someone else installed it. I have no clue how to assure them that I did not give it to anybody else, and even sent them pictures of the old comptuer that is in pieces and the new one. They told me I'd have to uninstall it from the computers to use it.This sucks, so much for help :(I'm not blaming anybody, I hope this gets resolved. They are one of my favorite scenery/aircraft developers :(I just wanted to post it here because you guys are the only one who would understand, I doubt my SO is interested in hearing this LOL

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>F4 phantom activated,>Aviano activated, and when it came to DCA, it said it could>not be updated...This is quite strange, because it would lead to believe that *only* your DCA serial has been given away, maybe not willingly ( an trojan in your PC, someone from outside got access to your files, maybe ? ).I'm saying this because, if there was any kind of problem in the hardware detection routine used by Cloud9 (that, I remind you, is NOT made by Cloud9, instead is done by the very well known Esellerate library, Cloud9 programs doesn't have any clue what's inside your PC ), it should affect ALL your Cloud9 products. For example, if your hardware ID was really changing randomly.If your hardware ID changed due to the BIOS update, you should have all your products deactivated and blacklisted just the same. Fact that only DCA is affected, might lead into thinking there's something specific with your DCA serial being abused, maybe by someone else's rather than you.Anyway, the fact the you got a reply here, is purely coincidental, since it happens that I was reading this forum.I've just checked on Cloud9 forum, and I haven't seen any message coming from you since a couple of months, I suggest to bring the issue there, because that's the place for getting support. I'm sure a solution will be found.

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