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Navigraph - Prices and more..

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I was not sure where to put this post, I couldn't find a suitable place to write, even the Navdata forum displays a notice saying it does not cover the Navigraph software package. This post is basically a few views I have about it.I for one find the package useful. It saves me a lot of time and effort hunting round for airport chart data, and I find the enroute chart information useful too in planning. I also find the provision of the FMC data witin Navigraph an excellent service. And on the whole, if you're careful, you realise it's not all that expensive for what it offers... BUT lately there have been some changes, and also no changes to some aspects of the package that I for one don't understand.1 - The price increase for updates to airfields.. I'm really not sure why this has increased. One thing, as users there is no way of telling what is new in the airfield charts when they are updated. So you could spend 2 credits and then really struggle to find a significant difference, how do we know what the changes are and whether it's worth 2 credits, when I could just download another field I might want to use instead.2 - The same goes for the enroute data, and these are no cheaper as updates than they are originally, why are these not discounted? How do we know if it's worth downloading the new chart?3 - What is going on with the "prefered user" programme that is supposed to be being implemented? I've got quite a lot of points and I don't see anyway of using them. What's the plan? Will we trade them in for credits? Will we have small discounts if our points are at certain levels? There has been no movement here since it started and maybe it is time there was now, it's been out a while.4 - Why does Navigraph not have a forum to discuss bugs, problems, etc. ? There seems to be no way to exchange information about it via a friendly forum. I think forums are a great idea, perhaps so forum members can provide unofficial support for others etc. The only way to do this seems to be via the e-mail.. but I think a forum would be a good move. Otherwise users flood the navdata forum which isn't the right one, perhaps a merging is required here to get things more in sync?Ok, just a few things here.. what do you guys think?CheersCraig

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