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Lights section Question

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You might benefit by downloading the Design SDKs from;LIGHTS&r;//Types: 1=beacon, 2=strobe, 3=navigation, 4=cockpit, 5=landinglight.0=3, -19.14, -47.24, 1.38, fx_navredm ,light.1=3, -19.14, 47.24, 1.38, fx_navgrem ,light.2=3, -64.32, 0.00, 4.92, fx_navwhih ,light.3=2, -18.22, -47.08, 1.38, fx_strobeh ,light.4=2, -18.22, 47.08, 1.38, fx_strobeh ,light.5=2, -2.65, 0.00, -4.60, fx_beaconb ,light.6=1, 2.20, 0.00, 8.30, fx_beaconh ,light.7=4, 44.41, 0.00, 3.50, fx_vclight ,light.4=2, -5.50, 33.00, -0.38, fx_strobeh ,Would someone explain to me what each number refers to?4 - fifth light (starts from zero)2 - strobe light-5.5 - longitudinal distance from the reference point33 - lateral distance from the reference point-0.38 - vertical distance from the reference pointfx_strobeh - uses the fx_strobeh effect file

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