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  1. mleegard

    What do you miss about the old days?

    Captain Slarty...while he was the ultimate troll he was humorous at the same time
  2. mleegard

    Strobe Lights

    love AIM
  3. mleegard

    Prepar3D released

    al lgood here
  4. mleegard

    Words I need to share with our Community

    You will be missed by us all, but your legacy will live on in the form of the community that you have created and maintained. Members will rise up and insure that Avsim lives on in tribute to you. I salute you kind sir!
  5. mleegard

    CAT II descision height difference!
  6. mleegard

    Joined 11 Years, 11 Months and 1 Day

  7. With a rating system in place "Captain Slarty" would never have lasted as long as he did! Remember him?
  8. mleegard

    A2A Cessna 172 now available

    Here is my old ERAU 172S checklist scanned if anybody wants it. that brings me back! Looks familiar....
  9. Always enjoy real ought to have a blog like this pilot... His commentary is just as good as the pictures...keep them coming...
  10. mleegard

    Any replacements for Rain and/or Snow effects?
  11. Sorry, you can only post photos here that are your own.And BTW, that fighter is a fake movie prop from about 2004 8-)
  12. mleegard

    A Day (or two) in the life of an ATP

    Another good blog...
  13. Any videos of this add on in action available?