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  1. Captain Slarty...while he was the ultimate troll he was humorous at the same time
  2. Always enjoy real pictures...you ought to have a blog like this pilot...http://flightlevel390.blogspot.com/ His commentary is just as good as the pictures...keep them coming...
  3. Sorry, you can only post photos here that are your own.And BTW, that fighter is a fake movie prop from about 2004 8-)
  4. Another good blog...http://flightlevel390.blogspot.com/
  5. Runway textures show snow but taxiways do not?Current weather, weather influenced textures selected...12/02/07 9:01 weather departing Westchester Co airportWhy does this happen?http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/181428.jpg
  6. Fix for night lighting on default aircraft included?
  7. I for one, can not believe there has not been more development of the missions? Either, payware, or freeware. I have enjoyed flying the missions included with Fsx and thought more developers would jump on the bandwagon. Whether or not one feels they do or do not create more "realism" does not matter in my opinion. They force you to fly where you have not previously and in different aircraft. I wish there more missions! Looking forward to the new missions....
  8. Is there no World of AI US Air Download? Maybe I have missed something?
  9. >You should have searched the FSX forum for this subject as>you would have found the information you are seeking. :-)>>However, to repeat - There are two default aircraft that have>no night lighting - the B738 and the A321. The problem is the>same for both of them - the light-map file "call" is missing>from the model file. ACES is aware of this problem.>>The B744 has night lights as the proper "call" is in the model>file.>>Frank>FSX BETA TesterOld subject but has this been addressed? Is there a fix?
  10. Would hyper-threading help any? I do not have it enabled.....
  11. Any tips for single core users? Anywhere outside of autogen generation is blurred?
  12. What are the correct settings within FSX to get the most out of this add on? Have landclass and mesh?
  13. What are the correct settings within FSX to get the most out of this add on? Have landclass and mesh?
  14. What settings do you use within FSX to get the most from FS Genesis?
  15. Could a "mission" be created for this? There seem to be many options available for mission builders. I believe development in this area is one of the most exciting features of FSX. Just my thoughts....
  16. Yes it does, I do not have the mesh, small area but very nice...http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...id=255889&page=
  17. Where have you gone "Turborazer"? Screenshots appreciated. Do you have FSX yet?
  18. Reading in other forums that he has not been heard from. Hope he is ok...
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