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Hi again from the simmer with shallow pockets.I am still trying to achieve the best framerate with the mostest AI possible. I have built military ai files from scratch and they are working as advertised. I am currently on a CONUS airbase adventure flying C-21, C-12, F-15, V-22 and F-18 aircraft, touching down at every air base I have AF2's for (currently 89 bases). These bases are populated with the proper aircraft types as realistically as possible from info on the web. I have converted and scaled down all AI birds using GA traffic but a couple are apparently still large and cause a big hit on my FPS. I had problems finding some of my AI birds so I made my own. I tried to locate some AIArdvaark stuff but gave up.An example: A-10's are no FR impact at all, yet they look very nice even while taxiing past them on the ramp. Same with the F-16's and the MIL heavies from Mike Stone. But pass an F-14 (converted from file and BAM! FPS goes to the single digits. Another example is at Luke AFB, I have 12 F-15's (converted from file and on approach my FPS is 9. When I clear the F-15's I get 20 (locked at 20). Then there's the helicopters. I made a .bgl of AI converted helos for mil but also added police choppers at many civilian airports to simulate police presence and some private choppers here and there. This makes the sim unusable at some times. I have removed this .bgl for now until I can fix the LOD on the choppers. I have also removed the F-14s altogether and I don't fly to Luke much for now. A few F-15s don't seem to matter, its groups of them that kill it.So the question is: Is there a way to use some freeware program to change the LOD on the files in the aircraft textures? Even more importantly, is this what I need to do to gain framerates?Thanks in advance for any help,Dolph

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LODs are in the models, not the textures. Without the source files for the models, there's really nothing that can be done.

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