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    AI Lights Reborn Professional for Prepar3D


    AI Lights Reborn Professional for Prepar3D V4.4+ has been released by FSReborn. The professional version includes many more features, functions, and effects to take your AI traffic to the next level.


    The Professional version allows the user to control the AI traffic lights using an adjustable, sleek, user interface. Basic, advanced, and expert options are available allowing the user to control how much customization is displayed. Customization options such as synchronized strobe lights, Xenon strobe bulbs, LED strobe bulbs, and much more can be edited to the users liking.

    AI Lights Reborn Professional also includes a custom lighting effect scale which overrides the default algorithms included in Prepar3D V4. As a result, the lighting behaviouris much more accurate at both long and short distances. This feature also contains specific techniques for HD devices and those with 4K resolutions, these techniques also helps display an accurate lighting scale.
    In order for AI Lights Reborn Professional to operate correctly, the users AI fleet must be P3D/FSX SDK compliant, this compliance more specifically applies with how lighting effects are installed in the models. Beta testers have confirmed AI Lights Reborn will work with models from AIG/AIGM-OCI, FLAI/BVAI, Just Flight Traffic 360, Just Flight Traffic Global, all versions of UTL, new PBR models from FSPAIX, and any freeware models from Alpha India Group.
    Users are able to select different textures set for their AI navigation lighting by using a very sleek graphic user interface:



    In addition end users can also adjust several parameters for each navigation light type, ranging from amount of dynamic lighting, size of the navigation lights and intensity. All this while connected to P3D and previewing the changes in real time:



    This ensures you can adjust how the navigation lighting will looks like for your own simulator, with all your current add-on’s running. This is very important because no all simulators specifications are the same, for example, user A might use a 4K large 60” TV while user B might have a simple 24” HD monitor, at the same time user A might use PTA with certain settings while user B might use REX EF with other settings. So for both simulators, the colours and sizes of effects would be different given all the variables involved. AI Lights Reborn Professional edition allows the AI lighting system to be adjusted for each individual circumstance, making AI models lighting to look and behave as close as possible to real-world operations for each individual user.

    For a full range of features and a product gallery GUI gallery you can check the product website HERE.
    There is also a full video tutorial about how to use this tool via our AVSIM forums HERE.

    The developer of AI Lights Reborn Professional edition assures this add-on will be supported for further versions of P3D via free upgrades. Regarding MSFS, the plans are also to port the add-on to this platform when possible and current customers would receive either an upgrade or discount. more  information will be available in the new year with the SDK from MS

    Edited by Chuck_Jodry-VJPL

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