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    BR Clan Advanced With Mk 1 Coaches


    The British Railways Standard Class 6, otherwise known as the ‘Clan Class’, was a class of 4-6-2 Pacific tender steam locomotive designed by Robert Riddles. Between 1951 and 1952 ten locomotives were built at Crewe and another 15 were planned for construction.

    The ‘Clan’ Class was based on the ‘Britannia’ Class, but employed a smaller boiler and used various weight-saving measures to increase the route availability for the locomotive's intended area of operations in the west of Scotland. The ‘Clan’ Class locomotives took their names from a previous locomotive class that was being withdrawn from service at the time and reinforced their intended running location.

    Numbers 72000 to 72004 were based solely at Glasgow Polmadie shed (66A) with loco's 72005 to 72009 based at the Carlisle Kingmoor shed.

    The Just Trains 'Clan Class' collection is probably the most authentic and realistic steam locomotive add-on available to date and comes with a unique switcher tool to allow a Simple version to be driven. The loco's are available to drive in a set of liveries and with different cabs depending on the era depicted. Also included is a set of Just Trains Mk1 coaches with passenger view and leaking steam heating effect.    

    This collection includes 15 exciting custom Standard scenarios and two Free Roams, including some that require additional routes, to provide an approximate total scenario duration time of over 20 hours!


    Clan Pacific

    Clan Pacific clean - pristine condition with no weathering
    Clan Pacific clean - fitted with AWS and speedometer
    Clan Pacific intermediate - lightly weathered and equipped with AWS and speedometer
    Clan Pacific weathered - heavily weathered and equipped with AWS and speedometer

    Clan Pacific 'Hengist'

    The new-build 'Hengist' locomotive has oval buffers, tablet catcher brackets removed from the cab side, operational air braking installed and the footplate access doors fitted to the tender and not the locomotive. It is in pristine condition and equipped with AWS and speedometer. The distinctive sound of the Westinghouse air pump can be heard. We have included a set of configurable Southern region headcode discs and the Hengist's rear damper. In the cab are TPWS and OTMR panels although these are non-operational. The air brake system has its own set of gauges included.

    Locomotive numbers and names

    You can choose to drive each of the ten originally built Clans with fully 3D-rendered nameplates. (To do this you need to put the correct locomotive number in via the scenario editor.)

    72000 Clan Buchanan
    72001 Clan Cameron
    72002 Clan Campbell
    72003 Clan Fraser
    72004 Clan MacDonald
    72005 Clan MacGregor
    72006 Clan MacKenzie
    72007 Clan MacKintosh
    72008 Clan MacLeod
    72009 Clan Stewart
    72010 Hengist


    BR1 tender - early clean (early BR crest and axle box colouring)
    BR1 Tender - late clean (later BR crest and red/yellow axle box colouring)
    BR1 tender late intermediate (later BR crest and red/yellow axle box colouring and light weathering)
    BR1 tender late weathered (later BR crest, red/yellow axle box colouring and heavy weathering)
    BR1B tender – For use with the Hengist



    Roll into the Standard Class 6 Product Page for further information.

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