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  • fsaAerodata For FSX FSX-SE Prepar3D


    News Item:

    fsaAerodata is the first product for the flight simulation, which updates the aeronautical navigation database on a monthly basis, based on real world conditions.
    Additional to Navaids, fsAerodata updates all approaches, departures (SIDs) and arrival procedure s(STARs) worldwide to real world conditions. Traffic Control and AI traffic will benefit using real approaches.
    Data is updated on every AIRAC cycle; every 28 days, a new set of fsAerodata is ready for download and installation on your flight simulator.
    fsAerodata can be purchased including a subscription service of 3-month or 1-year. Additionally, you’ll need an active subscription to Navigraph, which is the provider of the source data to fsAerodata.

    -· Worldwide update of flight simulator navigation database including following elements:

    -· Navaids: VORs, DME, NDB, TACAN, Enroute and terminal Waypoints, (update identification IDs, frequency, coordinates, magnetic variation).

    -· ILS stations: only frequency is updated; no other data is updated, to assure compatibility with default runways.

    -· Obsolete Navaids are removed or disabled.

    -· Runway designators updated.

    -· Instrument Approaches, including SIDs and STARs procedures

    -· Airways Routes, including High and Low altitude airways.

    -· Access to SIDs & STARs procedures on default GPS navigation unit (on Prepar3D)

    -· Traffic Control: Simulation and tracking of real approaches using the updated database. If an ILS light plan is entered, traffic control will use the updated approaches installed; on the ATC menu, user can select alternative approaches.

    FSX, FSX-SE, Prepar3D v1 to v3. Administrative rights may be required, depending where the flight simulator is installed on PC.
    A subscription with Navigraph FMS service is required to access and download the AIRAC cycles.


    License terms:
    fsAerodata is licensed for leisure, hobbyist and personal training use. Product is not licensed for professional training or commercial purposes.

    Visit the fsaAerodata Homepage for further information.

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