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    HJG Completes Quadruple Christmas Websites Updates


    HJG's (Historic Jetliners Group) Christmas website updates are now completed.

    This years end of year releases requiring 4 separate website updates since late November in order to ensure everything scheduled for release is released .... for a total of some 144 new and upgraded files for both FS2004 and FSX.  

    These updates commenced from November 24th with the release of 79X high quality and authentic textures for its ARJ/BAe 146, B707, B727, B737, DC-8, DC-9, DC-10, and MD-80/90 flightline http://tonymadgehjg.proboards.com/thread/9271/website-update-november-24th-2018

    Followed by the "NEW" V2.00 of Mario NORIEGA's AMD MERCURE 100 simulations (10X files composed as separate FS2004 and FSX specific versions featuring both 2D and VC type panels) released on December 10th .... and which are composed of a significant number of both new and improved features ....
    HJG host this superb simulation of this classic 1970's era hi-performance French twin-jet airliner by kind consent of Mario NORIEGA.

    Then a selection revised and further perfected panel gauges/core files for its B707, CV-880, CV-990, DC-8, DC-9, and L-1011 panels (13X files for FS2004 and FSX) released on December 12th .... and which additionally include panel edits for its CV-880's and CV-990's .... as well as its L-1011 panels also and which are now each equipped with a more a modern 1970's era gyro stabilized colour WX radar unit ....


    Today .... HJG have pleasure releasing its updated DC-10 project (28X files for FS2004 and FSX) featuring fixes and further improvements .... including 2 additional new DC-10 panels and aircraft base packs also .... and among which a selection of 14X new and upgraded textures for its ARJ/BAe 146, DC-10, and MD-80/90 flightline representing classic airline liveries from Germany, the UK, the USA, and Venezuela covering the 1970's, 80's, and more recent times are included as well ....
    The above new and upgraded releases .... which combine to complete HJG's 2018 year quadruple Christmas website updates .... are all currently available for everyone's "FREE" FS enjoyment.

    For further information concerning these latest HJG offerings please refer to the above-linked forum website update announcements.

    The HJG is located at the following website


    HJG takes this opportunity to thank the FS community for its much appreciated support and encouragement throughout this 2018 year .... and wish everyone "a very happy Christmas and pleasant transition into the 2019 FS year".

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