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    HJG End Of Year Website Update - Phase One


    It´s end of year website update time once again at HJG/Historic Jetliners Group.

    This year though .... and for "logistical reasons" only .... the groups traditional December/Christmas releases are not only commencing earlier than usual, but, are also being split into 2 separate website updates .... since HJG do have "a lot of work" yet to be released within what little remains of this 2018 year and for everyones virtual jetliner enjoyment.

    "PHASE 1" of this latest HJG website update is composed of some 79 high quality and authentic textures for its ARJ/BAe 146, B707. B727, B737, DC-8. DC-9, DC-10, and MD-80/90 flightline .... representing the liveries of both major and lesser known operators of these aircraft from Australia, the Bahamas, Belguim, Canada, Czechoslovakia, Cyprus, Finland, France, Hungary, Iceland, Indonesia, Japan, Kuwait, Malta, Malaysia, Nauru, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Russia, UK, the Ukraine, USA, Venezuela, and Zambia .... .... indeed some of the best of both past and present historic civil aviation worlds have come to roost at HJG.

    The above releases are now all currently available for everyones "FREE" FS enjoyment.

    For further information concerning these new and upgraded files please refer to the following-linked HJG forum website update announcement  .

    The HJG website is located HERE

    "PHASE 2" of HJG´s December/Christmas intended releases will be available soon also and another separate website update.


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