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    Infinite Flight Update


    Infinite Flight the increasingly popular Flight Simulator for iOS and Windows Phone 7 and 8, has just been updated.


    This update comes with a completely re-designed and fully animated Airbus A380-800. This aircraft remains free and is released with the following 10 liveries:

    Air France

    Korean Air


    Singapore Airlines



    Bristish Airways

    Thai Airways

    Malaysia Airlines


    We also fixed a few bugs including but not limited to:

    Fixed issues with the content updating system

    Fixed on board camera views for the Boeing 787


    This update is being released simultaneously on both iOS and Windows Phone. Note that Windows Phone users also get the replay feature from the previous update that was only published to iOS users.



    http://imgur.com/a/iISM6 (Airbus A380)

    http://imgur.com/a/DxGsz (Boeing 767)

    Full Changelog iOS & Windows Phone:

    - Added FREE reworked Airbus A380 with many liveries including (British Airways, Malaysia Airlines, Air France, Thai Airlines, Qantas, Emirates, Singapore...)

    - Fixed issues with the content updating system

    - Fixed onboard camera views for the Boeing 787


    Changelog for things were already on iOS and now coming to Windows Phone:

    - Added Replay (last 3 minutes of flight with advanced playback options, slow/fast, jog cont rol, and pickup flight from any position in the replay)

    - Added a new Boeing 767-300 + 10 liveries with winglets (IAP)

    - New Camera Options (Tail, Wings, Landing Gear, Scenic Cam, and more)

    - Temperature can now be set in the weather settings

    - New ATC Sounds

    - Animated Slats for the A321

    - Flight Path Vector in the HUD

    - Fixed memory issues that caused crashes on load with the iPod Touch and other low memory devices.

    - Smooth List/Scrolling animations

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