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  • ITVV Range Relaunched By Flight1


    Flight1 Europe announced that they relaunched the Flight Deck Experience range of programmes.


    Widely regarded as the finest of their genre and critically acclaimed, these titles have been re-branded, re-designed and re-priced to reach a wider audience than ever before.


    14 titles are now available at less than half their original price with nearly all now available at from ITVV.com, SimStop.com and many third-party vendors worldwide.


    Each title shows how airliners are operated and flown from the flight deck on real commercial passenger flight, along with aircraft walk-rounds, pre-flight briefings, detailed look at systems and more.


    Whether it's heavy metal such as the Boeing 747-400, past supersonic marvel Concorde, or fly-by-wire technology from Airbus, ITVV’s range shows just how these airliners are operated and flown by major airlines such as Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, Cathay Pacific and others.


    A typical programme runs anywhere from an hour to an incredible two-disc, five hour Concorde experience.


    Each DVD programme includes the following features:


    • . Multiple camera views inside each cockpit


    • . Hear real Air Traffic Control communications


    • . Full cockpit views on both take-off and landing


    • . Each Captain explains instruments, systems and procedures


    • . Pre-flight briefing, checklists and aircraft walk-round.



    For more information, visit either www.itvv.com or simstop.com for further details on this release.

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