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    Ultimate Terrain X Europe Version 2.1 Released


    Flight One Software, in cooperation with Scenery Solutions, is proud to announce the official release of Ultimate Terrain X Europe Version 2.1 patch. This is another significant upgrade, with a big improvement being made to the landclass for the largest cities in Europe. For nearly 100 of the largest cities, we have “hand-classified” the landclass using our proprietary editing software. With this software, we can visually select the closest available texture for each landclass cell, using a direct side-by-side comparison to the actual satellite imagery. This methodology provides the most accurate portrayal of the real-world using the FSX/P3D landclass system.

    Also included in the upgrade is a reworking of several significant port areas and rivers. And, we have addressed additional anomalies reported in V2.0.

    The V2.1 upgrade is free for all UTX Europe V2.0 customers. UTX V1.x users can still upgrade to UTX V2.1 at a reduced price of 50%.

    To get the V2.1 patch, existing users should see the forum announcement  .


    To purchase UTX Europe, or upgrade from V1.x please see the Ultimate Terrain X Europe Product Page .

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